About Denny Gerard

Denny Gerard hails from Detroit, Michigan, home of Motown and “Detroit Rock City.”

From an early age music was a strong part of the local culture, permeating every place with its sonic influence.

Denny was picked early-on by his mother to be the “musician” in his family. The one of nine kids who would animate family gatherings, keeping spirits high by playing...wait for it...the accordion!

From the age of eight he started playing it during his weekly Tuesday afternoon lessons, plodding through the Mel Bay course books with his patient teacher. That lasted as for about a year before Denny could convince his mother to call it quits.

The accordian just wasn’t fun, Denny recalls. The big 3rd grade talent show he was forced to participate in was nothing less than traumatic.

But the music was absolutely in his DNA, so he taught himself guitar at age 15, an acoustic guitar from the Montgomery Ward's catalog. He was hooked. Old school (pre-internet) learning was primitive. Things took a lot longer to learn, but he stuck to it and eventually persevered. First acoustic guitar, then electric as he came into his own as a burgeoning young musician.

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be in a band,” remembers Denny. His first band was The Reptiles, with neighborhood kids of course. "We didn’t have drums so we made them from cardboard and covered them in red sparkles with Elmer’s glue."

Later in life, Denny joined or formed real bands. Lots of them. As one broke up, or fell by the wayside, there was always another. Most of them were not particularly good, he reflects, but he learned from every one of them and the many great musician he ever played with over the years. There was never a shortage of quality musical talent in "Motown!"

In 1978 he relocated to California. It seemed there was a band on every block. Denny learned he could also sing...better than most of his fellow musicians, so he typically took on the role of lead singer in most the various bands he worked with.

As is was always work to be had as a quality musician, but it usually involves travel. So travel he did...across the US and Canada. There was always a trip on his schedule. When not performing, there was recording. When not recording, there was teaching. Always something happening to further his musical and performing skills.

Denny was also honing his songwriting capabilities as well. From this project to that band. It was a chance to be free from the restrictions of a cover-band and to express himself as a musician and an artist.

Wine Wine Wine is the culmination of all those years of playing, singing and writing his own material. From Detroit to Los Angeles to parts unknown, you are sure to enjoy the light-hearted but seriously intoxicating music of Denny Gerard.

About the Music

Wine Wine Wine. The song and the album, unfolded somewhat spontaneously.

Denny had met Mike Sandberg through a mutual friend and they started playing in a band together. Denny was visiting Mike’s studio and they decided to record a song Denny had written. The first song they recorded was So In My Head. It was sounding really good. Mike could produce and do the drums and percussion. Denny would play the guitar, bass and keyboard parts. They sang the back vocals together and the results were inspiring!

One song led to another, and the ablum was born.


1) Wine Wine Wine
Denny Gerard
Mike Sandberg: Production, Drums, Additional Vocals and Percussion

2) So In My Head
Denny Gerard
Mike Sandberg: Production, Drums, Back Vocals, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Lead guitar: Cary Park
Bass: Bruce Spiegel

3) Train Rolls On
Denny Gerard
Mike Sandberg: Production, Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Pedal Steel: Bob “Boo” Bernstein

4) 3rd Finger Left Hand
Denny Gerard/Lee Gillson
Produced by Denny Gerard
Audio rescued from an old Cassette tape by Charles Laurence

5) Live Life
Denny Gerard
Produced by Denny Gerard
Drum programing: Gary Richardi
Guitar and Pedal Steel: Gary Richardi

6) California Song
Denny Gerard
Mike Sandberg: Production, Drums, Additional Vocals and Percussion
Pedal Steel: Bob “Boo” Bernstein

7) Highway Home
Denny Gerard
Guitar and Pedal Steel: Gary Richardi

8) Wine Wine Wine (Instrumental)
Denny Gerard
Featured Guitar: Jon Pileggi

All songs ©2019 Denny Gerard